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About UsThe services and wares found here can be life savers! For our vacation home owners, this is a one stop shop: seahorse paintings for the walls, beachy style dishes, whimsical accent pieces, wood and wicker furnishings for almost every room in the house. Free design services are offered to ensure that YOUR property never has an empty bed. The designers at 13 Hub Lane have done the research; they know that the most stylish homes receive the highest revenues, and they are willing to share their secrets with you! The list of perks of being a Prominence homeowner grows longer each day!

The advent of HGTV goes to prove that we all have a tiny interior designer living inside of us, and 13 Hub Lane will feel like home from the first minute you walk inside its glass doors. Specializing in that special décor style you can only find in Florida, exciting treasures fill every corner of this cozy store. From accent pillows and scented candles to stainless-steel anchor pieces and driftwood chandeliers, the treasures found in 13 Hub Lane will have that designer inside you rubbing her hands together in glee. Every home in the world deserves a touch of Florida, so if you’re visiting the panhandle, be sure to stop in and discover the store that epitomizes our beachy lifestyle. This 30a shop will feed your decorating addiction like no other!


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You don’t have to live at the beach to live the lifestyle, but it can help if you do, and renting one of our cozy townhomes offers the next best thing! Pack your 13 Hub Lane purchases back to your vacation home away from home and spread them out on the bed for a fresh new look at your purchases; all you have to do is reserve your piece of paradise today!


About Us